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From Guinea: The Doors Shut by Ebola are Starting to Open

Amanda Puckett, technical advisor, IntraHealth International

The culture in Guinea is vibrant and thrives on close-knit communities and personal relationships. When the largest-ever outbreak of Ebola started here in March 2014, it threatened not only the health of Guinea’s population but also the ties that bind its people together.

As Ebola Resurges in Guinea, So Do Government Efforts to Quash It

Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa, UNICEF, and Leah McManus, IntraHealth International

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No Time for Complacency: IntraHealth Renews Call for Sustained Ebola Support

At IntraHealth International, we are disheartened by recent Ebola-related news from West Africa, and call on the world community, including ministries of health, donor agencies, and other stakeholders, to urgently renew and strengthen their efforts to provide systematic, sustained investment in frontline health workforces and health systems around the world.