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The Ministry of Health in Guinea is in the process of implementing both iHRIS and mHero. The ministry signed a letter of support in February 2015. By March 2015, health workforce data was uploaded into iHRIS. The interoperability to establish mHero using iHRIS and UNICEF’s RapidPro was finalized in September 2015. IntraHealth is currently working with the Ministère de Sante and local partners such as the EU Projet d’appui à la santé en République de Guinée (PASA) and MEASURE Evaluation to collect health worker data to update information in iHRIS and to ensure strong integration of mHero and iHRIS into the development of DHIS2 and overall health information system strategic planning efforts. IntraHealth is also working with local government stakeholders to develop their internal human resources and infrastructural capacity to utilize iHRIS, as well as put the building blocks in place for the development and deployment of mHero. 

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